At FUNBIKE we know 4-wheel bicycles

As suppliers of 4-wheel bicycles and as owners of 4-wheel bike rental facilities, we know that a rental facility operating at a good location during peek months can generate the amount of income enjoyed by only a small percentage of wage earners.

Ideal for every rental business and adjusted to every need.

The 4-wheel bike is especially designed with rental needs in mind, with emphasis on:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Customer support
  • Experience


At FUNBIKE we know the rental business well.

Despite the economical downturn some are experiencing, the profit-making potential of a 4-wheel bike rental ownership is one of the best kept secrets from those seeking lucrative investment opportunites. 4-wheel bikes are not only ideal for the makings of a standalone business but are a great addition to almost any existing business as well.

Funbike is the first rental company of 4-wheel bicycles in Greece.

The first rental facilities were established in Nafplio City and in Athens (under the Acropolis).

Advertise your business through funbike

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We offer your business:

  • reliable equipment at competitive prices
  • equipment designed to limit liabilty
  • economical and available replacement part supply
  • responsive customer and technical support

Do you own a hotel?
Do you own a vehicle rental agency?
Do you own a travel agency?

Increase your sales and your profitability.
Get a return on your investment within a short period of time.
Use the bicycle to advertise in your area.
Sell/rent advertising space to other business in your area.

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